My Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh sky-line at nite

Pittsburgh, "The Steel City," voted number 2 of the ten most beautiful places
in America. 

 The three rivers of Pittsburgh 


The Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers flow together to form the Ohio River,  a waterway that was essential to America's development.  The rivers border the "Golden Triangle" of downtown Pittsburgh.

Duquesne  Incline

Pittsburgh boasts three professional sports teams of the NFL, MLB and the NHL. 

Heinz Field
Home of  Steeler football


Three Rivers Stadium
Demolished in 2001


PNC Park
Home of  Pirate baseball


Mellon Arena, "The Igloo"
Home of Penguin  hockey



Carnegie Science Center

Phipps Conservatory


Mellon Bank Building

The Westin Convention Center


University of Pittsburgh
Cathedral of Learning

University of Pittsburgh

Panther Football


Pittsburghese...a sampling of our dialect

Arn - Iron / Iron City

Babushka - Bandanna

Burm - berm - the edge of road near a hillside

Caddy wampusCatty wampus - askew

Chipped ham - paper thin sliced / shaved ham

Cubburd - closet for coats

Dahntahn - downtown

Da Burg - Pittsburgh

Gumbans - rubber bands

Klondike - ice cream treat that started here, at Isley's

Nebby - overly curious...nosey

Pop - Pepsi, Coke, etc.

Redd up - very light cleaning

Worsh - wash

Poke - bag..either paper or cloth or plastic

Yunz - you ones / all of you