Welcome to My DRACO'S CASTLE....
(Very graphic intense)
and beware of his wife, the..........



Draco's guardian, forever watching, forever protecting



Dragon Dreams
By Julie Phelps

There is something about dragons all fire and steam
They go together in the midst of our dreams
The dragon is wise beyond it's years
It sets no limits and faces all fears
The dragon is powerful in body and mind
Is true to it's heart and true to it's kind
The dragon is just and fights for what's right
To all who encounter it, their lives are made bright
The traits of the dragon we should all embrace
And together we'll make this world a better place!
Copyright 1998 Julie Phelps All rights reserved.



Gandalf, thinking, reflecting, deep in the forest

We see through the dragon's eye,
what is truth, what is a lie....



"Tolk," just hatched February 22, 2001