I can't forget about our four legged kids!
The Canines

February 2, 2008

Domino's Escher Remember Me
Cocker Spaniel born: September 6, 2004
Welcomed home January 1, 2005

  My Angels Dusted Kaidanse
Cocker Spaniel born: September 22, 2010
Welcomed home December 9, 2010



Sassy's Foxy Moxy
Smooth Fox Terrier born: June 8, 2001
Welcomed home August 2003

Tomssue's Cyan Colors Our World
Cocker Spaniel born: December 21, 2005
Welcomed home February 22, 2006

~In our hearts at Rainbow Bridge ~

Sage' s Lacy Forever Kasha
Cocker Spaniel born: July 21, 2005
Welcomed home October 14, 2005
Our gorgeous baby crossed Rainbow Bridge on
November 29, 2010.  Far too young and far too soon.  You are
always in my arms, 'Monkey Face.'


Sir Domino Shadoe Chaser
Cocker Spaniel born: March 14, 1993
Sadly Domino went to the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 10, 2004

Lady Cinnamon Sage and Domino
Cocker Spaniel born: July 14, 1992
They were the best of friends
Sadly Sage joined her best friend, Domino, at the Rainbow Bridge on October 3, 2005


Our resident rebel
Born May 13, 1999
crossed Rainbow Bridge March 2010

Sassy Maggie's Mine
West Highland White Terrier born: January 31, 1993
Sadly Sassy went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 21, 2004






The Felines

The matriarch, mother of Ghost & Quilt
His mother was a stray..................
....who brought her kittens to visit...and never left

On to our 'Helmet Kids'


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