McAlister and Armstrong Lines


Times in life are captured 
That gives our heart a life 
Those who came before  us
Upon our hearts their gift


McAlister Line

Clan McAlister of America Line #J67
Joseph McAlister of Paisley, Scotland, and Unknown wife
Children of Joseph and Unknown
1. John A. (1841 Motherwell, Scotland - 1924 USA) and Catherine (Skelley) (1846 Scotland-1907 USA)
Children of John A. and Catherine
1. stillborn child (8.14.1864)
2. Susan (9.1.1865 - 4.1865) and Daniel Gibson
Children of Susan and Daniel
a. John H
b. Thomas C.
c. Edith Stokes
d. George M.
e. Laura Toback
f. Allen
g. Robert
3. James (born 6.28.1868)
4. John (7.8.1870-1.29.1960)and Flora Unknown
Children of John Jr. & Flora
a.William (d.1980)
b.Helen (d. 1955)
c.Sarah/Sally Feldenzer
5. Robert (born 1.3.1873)
6. William A. (1875 in PA - 1956,Seattle,WA) and Jessie Fawns (Armstrong) (1181 Scotland - 1946 USA)
}both immigrated to Irwin, Westmoreland County, PA
Children of William and Jessie
a. Jessie (1906 PA-1979 AL) and Erin Thornbery
b.John (1907-1938) never married
c.William Jr. (1914-1951) never married
d.Katheryn (?-?) and John Fejes
e. Elsie V.(1911 PA-1978 PA) married twice- Pleasant and Shannon
f.J ames R. (?-?) and Eve Lynne.  Lived in Seattle, WA
g. Blanche (?-1957) and Unknown Murray
h. Clarence R. (1916-1985) and Marie Martha (Balles)
See: Balles
Children of Clarence and Marie Maetha
ii. Robert William
iii. Timothy Clarence
iv. Thomas Henry
7. Barbara (1878- approx.1955 WA) Henry Seneff
Children of Barbara and Henry
a. unknown son (died 1930)
7. Daniel (?-1950's)
8. Catherine/Katheryn (1.22.1884-1970's) and A.P. Robertson
Child of Katheryn & A.P.
a. Paris Robertson
9. Alice (9.11.1883-?)



Armstrong Line

    1. Alexander (born in Scotland ?-?) and Mary (Fawns) (Scotland)
Married September 25,1874 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.
Children of Alexander and Mary
--Adam (b. approx. 1876)
--Margaret(? -1963)and  Henry Tomer Sr.
--Agnes Good (1885-1970)
--Nellie McAlister (?-?) never wed
--Isabel McAlister (?-1974) never wed
--Blanche (?-1975) M/Chauncey W. Perry
--Helen Mcalister (1891-1922) never wed
--Mary (?-?)M/-----Kanary
--Jessie Fawns (1883-1946) and William A. McAlister
Children of Jessie & William: see MCALISTER above





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