My Kellaway Line



Times in life are captured 
That gives our heart a life 
Those who came before  us
Upon our hearts their gift


1st m/Grace Chinn (1826-1837)
2nd m/Margaret(Peggy) Richards (1809-1881)
Children of Charles and Grace
I. John (1828-1881) m/Louisa
Children of John and Louisa
i. James Henry Kellaway
m/Grace Ann Standord Smith (1859)
Children of James and Grace
i. James R. (1878)
ii. Louisa (1880)
iii. George (1898)
iv. William (1897-1967)
v. Joseph (1889)
vi. Emma (1886)
vi. Laura (1885)
m/Clyde Robert Young
Children of Laura and Clyde
i. Louisa A. (died soon after birth)
ii. James (1908)
iii. Bertha Mae m/Harry Eldred Painter Sr.
Children of Bertha and Harry See :PAINTER Line)
ii. John Thomas
iii. Louisa
iv. Emily
v. John
II. Thomas (1826)
III. Charles (1830) m/Margareet
IV. Cecilia (1833)
V. Elizabeth Kilby (1835)
VI. Grace (1837)
VII. Edmund (1840)
VIII.Frederick (1842)
IX. Edwin (1843)
X. James (1844)
XI. Henry (1845)
XII. Susan (1848)
XIII.Mary (1849)






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