O, when I left Scotland long years ago
All the hills were covered with snow,
And the sunshine sparkled bright on the loch/
Still and deep in the glen below.
I was then but a young lad
And a young man has to roam.
And I did not know how soon I would miss
My wee croft and my Scottish home.
Where the eagle soars oer high mountain crags
And the glen sweeps dow to the sea.
Where the heather paints the fair purple hills,
Lies the hearth that is dear to me.
Where fire light shines on faces
Of the loved ones I have known,
And the skirl of pipes rides wild on the wind
With a song of my Highland home.
How this brave New World holds much for a lad.
Tis a fine and promising land
Where a man may earn his fortune and fame
By the labor of his own hands.
I've worked hard and I've prospered,
But I'd trade all that I own
Just to see once more the bright,
Bonnie Glen
That Still shines in my thoughts of home

Written by:Neil Harding McAlister, 1999

The Clan McAlister Tartan
Brief introduction to the life of
Alasdair Mor, Progenitor of the MacAlasdair Clan
The Clan MacAlasdair owes it's namesake and heritage
to an ancient Celtic Highlander who lived during the
13th century named Alasdair Mor. To help illustrate what kind
of stock Alasdair came from I need only mention that
Alasdair's great-grandfather was the famous King of the Isles,
Somerled, who had rid the Western Isles of the Norse
(of which he was part)
that had previously held power there for hundreds of years.
In addition to Somerled, Alasdair descended from a very prominent
and powerful family. His grandfather was Ronald of the Isles,
and his father was none other than the famous Donald from
which the MacDonalds (or Clan Donald) take their name.
These famous Celts descended from the ancient Celtic kings of Ireland, Dalriada,
and would themselves be known in history as the Lords of the Isles
(see chart below for a brief genealogy of the ancient Gaelic kings
from whom Alasdair descends).

If we take into account the information that we have about his life,
then Alasdair lived up to his heritage and incorporated the noble aspects
of his Celtic lineage and applied them to his life.
Unfortunately, there is not an abundance of information on this great Celt,
but the record is not completely silent either.

In 1299 there is an entry in the pages of Irish Annals which states,
"Alexander McDonnell (of Antrim), the most distinguished of his name
either in Ireland or in Scotland for hospitality and feats of arms,
was slain by Alexander MacDugall, together with many of his people.
" -Annals of the Four Masters. This entry refers to the progenitor of the
MacAlasdair Clan, Alasdair Mor. The reference gives us an insight
into the kind of man and life that Alasdair led, and raises questions
that I will not attempt to break down in this space.
There are however some great articles on the subject. However,
I will include a couple of notes I have put together on similar
and related subjects (they are found as you scroll down the page).
Thanks for taking the time to look through them...
I look forward to any feedback about them. Needless to say,
the MacAlasdair's have a great history of which they should be proud.
(written by: Kathan David McCallister







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