Glass Line


Times in life are captured 
That gives our heart a life 
Those who came before  us
Upon our hearts their gift


Glass Line

Christian Glass (1740-1802) and Eva (Albright) (1744-1817)
Children of George and Eva
I. Christian Glass m/Anna Gemberling (1777-1847)
Children of Christian and Anna
i. Anna Catherine (1798-1863)
ii. George C.(1812-1894)
iii. Daniel(1800-1883) and Maria (Herrold) (1814-1889)

Children of Daniel and Maria
i. George Washington (1837) and Susan (Benner)
ii. Susan (1885-1885)
iii. William (1833)
iv. Henry K. (1844)
v. Christian F. (1842)
vi. Mary Ann(1853)
vii. John Daniel (1838)
vii. Adam H. (1851) and Annie (Miller)

Children of Adam and Annie
i. Frank A. (1882)
ii. Jennie E.(1887) and unknown Dundleberger
iii. Clarence W. (1892)
iv. Anna Mabel(1889-1942) and Charles E. Bickhart (1894-1929)

See: Bickhart
II. George
III. Catherine
IV. Salome
V. John
VII.. Barbara






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