Bickhart Line


Times in life are captured 
That gives our heart a life 
Those who came before  us
Upon our hearts their gift



Conrad and Mary (Reddig) Bickhart

Children of Conrad and Mary
i.Emaneul m/Hattie Thomas
ii.Henry R. m/Sarah A. Roush
iii.Jonathan/Jonas m/Harriet Wetzel
Children Of Jonathan and Harriet
Florence Rose m/unknown Wilkerson
ii. Annie V. m/Michael Moyer
iii.Catherine/Kate m/Ellsworth Burns
iv.Susan m/Charles Spencer
v. William F. m/Sarah M. Martin
vi.Cora m/unknown Alexander
vii.Sarah E. m/Jonathan Thomas
viii. John W. m/Ida Heim
ix. Charles Elmer m/Anna Mabel Glass
Children of Charles and Anna
i. Anna H. m/Russell Ramsey
ii. Verna M. m/Glenn Miller
iii. Charles Orville /Mary
iv. Donald m/Arlene
v. Ruth Naomi m/Huston Bucher
vi. Harry C. m/Theresa
vii. Gerald E. m/Margaret
viii. June
ix. Lois L. m/George Reinard
x. Thelma (Peggy) Fae m/Harry E. Painter Jr
Children of Thelma and Harry
Harry Jr
Susan Dian
Lydia Mae


The Bickhart name was derived from the Old English
word 'Bische,' referring to 'the dweller beside the
Roman Road.' An ancient, although rare personal name this
surname was probably brought to England in the wake of
the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is also a Germanic
personal name composed of the elements BIG and HARD,
meaning 'one who was brave, hardy, and strong.




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