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Welcome to the Asian team where the spirit spreads like the wind.  The Asian Creed is of friendship and team spirit. we will continue our journey to the Dark Continent of the Africans

Centuries of oppression and still having its sway in the modern world has made Africans a strong race. Do you have it in you to fight for us and grab the Final Showdown

......the next stop will be the frigid lands of the Arctics

The Arctic regions or the Arctic, is the northern most area of the earth, centered on the North Pole.  There are five animals that live in the Arctic, the arctic ground squirrel, birds, whales, harp seals and the walrus.

......The chilly home of the Antarcticans


......Brr, time to head to a warmer climate, let's visit The South Americans

South America is an amazing continent, from the Andes Mountains to the mighty Amazon River, to its rainforests and grasslands to the Atacama Desert.
The early history of South America has been lost.

......Since we're not too far away we'll go up and visit The North Americans

North America
When European explorers arrived in America in 1492 they found approximately two million Native Americans living there.  The Europeans mistakenly called them Indians, thinking they had landed in the Indies in the Far East of Asia.  These 'Indians' belong to at least 300 different tribes and spoke over 2,000 different languages

......The last stop on this long journey will be to the islands of the Oceanics

The term Oceania is normally used to designate all the islands of the Central and the South Pacific including Australia (continent), New Zealand and sometimes the Malay Archipelago.

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