~~Alumni Bios~~


Cripps (Sumy) Lucinda

 trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord in November 1970 through the ministry of Dave Lishus at Trafford High School (THS).  After 1971 THS graduation, earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Westmoreland County Community College.  In 1975, I earned a Bachelor Degree from Slippery Rock College majoring in Recreation - Community Leisure Services.  Dave Sumy and I were married on May 13, 1978.  Dave's first wife Becky died of cancer that year.  Their son Joshua was three years old when we  married.  I was delighted to join the Sumy family!  We live in Kittanning, PA and Dave is a Physical Therapist currently working for Visiting Nurse Association, Ford City, PA.  God blessed Dave and me with three more children; Rachael, Karen and Nathan.  All four of our children have completed college and work in their chosen fields.  Rachael and Karen have married very special men: Al and Rachael Boyko in Chicago, IL; Doug and Karen Smith in Milltown, NJ.  I served twelve years as director of Pregnancy Support Services, Kittanning, to offer pro-life assistance to men and women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.  My life was redirected on October 11, 1997 when a drunk driver wrecked into my small truck causing me serious injury.  God blessed me with wonderful doctors, nurses, praying family and friends as I recovered from the accident.  Presently I baby-sit for friends and help with fundraisers for Life Choices (formerly Pregnancy Support Services).  Dave and I attend Harvest Community Church, Kittanning.  My prayer for THS classmates is from Numbers 6:24-26: "May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord's face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor and give you his peace."  Cindy (Cripps) Sumy


Hayne (Draganjac) Judy

 I'm up here in Beaver county. We've lived up here for 20 years, grown the 2 kids married them off and have 2 Grandbabies also. MY Anne is 29. She and Homer have been married 11 years on July 22, their kids are (Ty, 9 and Dru, 2) the apples of my eye, of course and my reason to rack up the flyer miles to Florida! Joe the "baby" is 26. He married his Tiffany August 22nd last year


Istanish (Grimes) Anne

Anne Istanish married Jim Grimes Dec. 17, 1982.
Katelyn Grimes born Dec.3, 1985.
Joe Grimes born Nov. 26 1987.
English teacher since 1975 for Norwin School District.
Live at my lifelong Harrison City Road abode.
STILL the prettiest (sorry Terri); smartest  (forget it, Rose); wittiest (too bad, Dinky);friendliest (where were you, Greer?); most popular (Dayna sucks); AND  BEST DANCER (There.  It's finally in print, Laraine!)of the class of 1971
I'm not sending along a picture.  You'll just have to take my word on this.  :)


Painter (McAlister) Susan Dian

Married to Tom McAlister who has been dubbed by my friends as, 'The World's Most Perfect Man,'.....hmm, well, he's not exactly faultless since he's a graduate of Jeannette (Oh my!).  We have eight kids: Brandy 32, research chemist; Courtney 31, psychologist; Shelby 28, mathematician; Adrienne 23, high school math teacher; Jared 20, into fiber optics and communication; Matthew 16, high school; Justin 14, high school; Jason 11, middle school. 
We also have seven grandchildren between the ages of 13 and three years.  All our children live within 10 miles of us so we are fortunate to see them often.
After college I became a caseworker under contract with Westmoreland County Children's Bureau and Westmoreland County Family Courts and enjoyed that until 10 years ago. 
Tom and I raise Cocker Spaniels in addition to a Smooth Fox Terrier.  We have a country home in Jefferson County, near Cook Forest, PA, that we spend a great deal of time at on weekends and during the summer. 


Perry (Stern) Rebecca

Married to Craig Stern 10 yrs.  1 bio son, Nick Perry, 25yo; 2 stepkids, Dannie, 14yo, Robert, 15yo.  Have been doing counseling for 30 yrs. - substance abuse, 23 yrs., children and families, 7yrs.  Have been living in Tucson since Jan., 1976 and loving every day of it.  Would welcome contact from any of our classmates. 


Mathe, Bradley Alexander

Graduated High School and became a phone man working for good ole Ma Bell. Ended my career with Lucent Technologies after 32 years as a victim of menopause management and retired in 2004. In that time I climbed enough telephone poles to have feet like a crow, worked as an application programmer, digitized the Air Forces microfilm before digital cameras were invented and pushed people for a living. According to my first wife and the judge of the civil court of Tarrant County, Texas I am the sperm donor for 2 boys presently ages 27 and 21. I have one Grand Daughter and a yellow lab named Nixon. It took me two times to figure that marriage was a very expensive hobby before I gave that up. Now I enjoy wetting a line in the lake, building furniture, restoring antique firearms and will occasionally chase white women in hillbilly bars on the weekend. My future goal is to open a bait camp on the gulf coast. I have an apprentice license now and after 5 years I can get my masters license and become a Master Baiter.


Humlan, Audrey Lynn

I live in Mt. Lebanon and work for the Municipality as an assistant in the Public Works Department.  I share my home with four rescued dogs, and have written 2 short stories about  them that are published in a book entitled “Animal Friends”, with all proceeds from the book benefiting local animal shelters.  (It’s available on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble, so go ahead and buy one to help a good cause!)  In my spare time I give piano lessons, take agility classes with my dogs,  and ride Arielle, my Anglo-Arab mare.  She and I have studied dressage – a classical form of riding -  with internationally renowned instructors, progressing from the pony rides at Kennywood!  We all hope to retire to the country in Maine, where my heart is always pulled.


Kirkpatrick (Hilbert) Kathy

I have been a resident of White Oak PA since July of 1985 and still live in the same home.   At the age of 40 and the mother of 2 pre-school children, I was lucky to find employment close to home at King's Family Restaurants corporate headquarters, as an Executive Assistant.   I divorced in 2005 after 23 years of marriage and am now part of the single mom/dating scenario.  Megan is 15 and Kristy is 17.  They are my joy and we have all been blessed with good health.  My life is full - or almost.  I hope to someday find a partner to share my happiness with me.  E-mails are welcome.
I have been a volunteer over the past 10 years, also.  As a member of theWhite Oak Recreation Board, we planned events for the children of thecommunity aged 10 and under.  I was White Oak's unofficial Easter Bunny for8 years (definitely NOT a Playboy Bunny), and a volunteer of the committeefor the American Cancer Society's Mon Yough Unit's fundraiser, The DaffodilBall, for 6 years.  The only volunteering I do now is to give blood every 56 days.  (They do go fishing, Brad, but will never become a Master, like you!


Mock, Dayna (Rockage)
Rockage, Roy

As for Roy and I.....Our fairytale story started at the "all class reunion" in Trafford, August of 2004 when I ran into his sister Elaine. Well....she played matchmaker and it worked! After many hours on the phone and just as many emails back and forth, Roy and I met for the first time in 33 years....and it was wonderful. As a result, we were happily married December 19,2005 and spent our honneymoon on a Mexican Riviera cruise.We now share a happy life with all "our" children My handsome son Derrick who is 32, beautiful daughter Krista, 23 who is married to our wonderful son-in-law, David. Roy's beautiful daughter Tiffany is married to our other wonderful son-in-law, Matt. Roy's cat, Everest warmly welcomed my cat Shadow and we are one big happy family now.We live in Los Alamos, NM where the sun is shinning all the time. Roy is a machinist at the Los Alamos National Lab where he has worked for the past 24 years. As my little bio stated in our yearbook, I did become a Hairstylist. Most of my career that is what I did, but finally grew tired of that and worked my way up to be a Merchandising Assistant for JCPenney, then took a position as co-manager of a Fashion Bug. I'm currently not working due to a back injury.We enjoy traveling,camping,fly fishing(Roy's favorite),white water rafting(I walk around the big ones) and just enjoy being together.My "life line" my entire life has been my best life long friends. Anna, Mon,La,Mouse and Tammy(T).....our yearly trip to Cape May keeps us close. I love you "guys"!!...a note to Anna....I read your bio, hey babe!...until you start doing our reunions, YOU will never be as "popular" as me!....but I still love ya anyway Bud! :)


Coll, Linda (Barosh)
Barosh, Tom

Tom and I have been married for 33 years and have 3 children:  Sue is 32 and married with 4 children, Tommy is 31 and single and Mari is 26 and single.  We are very fortunate to have our kids and 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter living in the area.  We have lived in Elizabethtown (near Lancaster/Hershey) for 18 years.  Tom's job of prosthetic technician brought us here.  I work at the E-town  Borough office mainly fielding complaints.  Our main source of enjoyment comes from our family, but in addition to that, Tom spends as much of his free time as possible on his motorcycle and collects trains (guy has expensive hobbies!!) and I play tennis in my free time and am in a reading group.  Although we now call Elizabethtown "home", a chunk of our hearts will always be in Trafford.  We welcome visits & emails from classmates.


Berkstresser (Coombs) Joyce

I  have been married to Gary Coombs since 1978.  We have been blessed with three of the greatest children.  Our daughter, 25, is married and a 5th grade science teacher.  Our son, 24, is also married and working in Information Technologies.  No grandbabies yet (are we really old enough??)  Our baby, 18, just graduated from high school and she will be going off to college in the fall.  Therefore, we are in the process of selling this big house and downsizing.  We moved to Atlanta in 1987 to get away from the cold weather and just love it here.  I play allot of tennis and enjoy spending weekends at our cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. I thought the reunion was wonderful and enjoyed seeing everyone again.  I don't think we've changed a whole lot, have we??  Altho', I wouldn't have recognized David Garbin.  (yes, David, you're still good looking, but never would have guessed it was you.)  Was surprised to hear that John and Eddie have never been married.  What's with that?  Rose, I'm jealous that you live near Roger Federer, my idol!  If anyone finds themselves near Atlanta, please look us up.